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CAPS – Combined Aircondition and Power System

Fischer Panda CAPS
Fischer Panda CAPS
Fischer Panda CAPS

Main Advantages for CAPS 60
Complete system solution: single unit combining generator and ECU, easy mountable on containers
1 Contact Person – 1 Supplier – 1 Price
Modular System for container shelter system, highly adaptable

Options for ECU System Expansion:

  • Powerful 4 x 10kW cooling capacity - for single or multiroom configuration.
  • Cooling capacity on demand: cooling capacity is automatically regulated from 4...40kW stepless over inverter, depending on your acutal needs. This safes energy and gives very high comfort.
  • Inverter driven compressors prevents generator form high startup currents
  • Additional electric roof heater up to 20kW -  stepless power regulation, very exact room termperatur control.
  • Additional electric floor heater with blowers: 0-12kW stepless regulated heat elements work together with the roof heater and enables a very exact room temperature up to +/- 1°C

All controls for electric and water heating are regulated (stepless). Dedicated Generator for ECU and Electrical Systems in Container:

  • Electrical performance - up to 65kW (without ECU) 
  • Electrical performance - up to 40kW (with ECU)
  • Extremely low operating sound-/ and vibration levels
  • Very compact a/c units, mounted on slides for easy access to components and quick exchange
  • a/c units are exchangeable against each other. This gives a very high failure safety.

Operation in extreme temperatures -46°C - +60°C

Integrated electrical distribution cabinet
Integrated fuel tank provides 12 hours at full load (auto refill from external source)
Worldwide Service Network

Rapid Setup:

  • Quick release couples, leackfree,  for refrigerant and electric plugs simplify the installation
  • Cooling fluids prefilled and a/c system tested before delivery
  • Timesaving - no additional assembly work required.

Easy to Maintain

  • “Rapid Replacement System” reduces repair time –assemblies swapped as complete units
  • Primary air conditioning unit module is fitted with quick release connectors
  • Replacement parts are prefilled and tested before delivery
  • Possible to replace assembly without a technician “on site“


  • Parameters for PLC control can be configured to suit individual requirements
  • Optional fiber optics for the a/c control units (EMC package)
  • Maintenance intervals increased – no belts